There are thousands of communications product made by hundreds of manufacturers aroun the word, they include everrything from standard phones to hand phones, pagers to computer modems, fax to swicthboards. The list is endless, it grows every day. Many of these products are not made for Indonesia and thus are not suitable for use here, some will not work altogether. Others may cause interference in radio communications equipment or the telecommunications network, affecting the quality of transmission and reception.

That is why certification is so important to ensure that equipment will work properly without causing interference when it’s connected to Indonesia’s network. certification also means you can choose from a wide range of products and be sure they are suitable for indonesia because they meet indonesia standars.


ATP focuses on one critical aspect of the mobile cellular part, the Antenna-line System.
Associated with a global manufacturer of Antenna-line System manufacturer: Andrew Corporation, as their logistics partner in Indonesia, Anindotama Perkasa committed to support the fast growth of Indonesian mobile cellular industry. Projects Anindotama Perkasa is Andrew Antenna

Comba Telecom Systems (“Comba”) provides the infrastructure and solutions to mobile operators and enterprises to enhance and extend their wireless communications networks.

First established in 1997, Comba is one of leading providers of wireless solutions in the world and is ranked as the number one integrated wireless solutions and sub-system provider in Asia with over 25%* market share in China. Comba listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2003 and awarded “Business Superbrand” status in 2006, accrediting its Leading Position in the Global Wireless Enhancement Market.

PT Global Communication Solutions (GCS) is a “one stop” telecommunications company providing a capability to support companies interested in marketing products and services into Indonesia and deliver full range of telecommunication services such as In-Building coverage, IT project management and outsourcing quality audit, network end-end performance management, optimization including Managed Services. GCS is a team of specialist and experienced support personnel comitted to providing the highest in quality telecommunication services.GCS Project is Certification of CellMax Technologies AB Products

PT. Nera Indonesia is as one of subsidiaries of Nera Telecommunications Ltd, Nera is a leading global wireless supplier, developing and selling microwave radio and satellite communications equipment and as system integrator for IT.

Incorporated in 2001, PT. Suryajaya Teknotama [SJA Technologies], is an Indonesian based company focused to support mobile equipment vendors and mobile operators in providing a high availability and reliable source of supply of Antenna Line System & Components. Our service covers the supplying of coaxial cables, connenctors, jumper assembly, and installation ancillaries. As huge as 1000m drums of coax, down to the bolts and nuts required to build a BTS site.

PT Selat Lintas Utara is an authorized Distributor for PMX Radio Microwave PDH/SDH and Aracom AP series. They also provide one type of Aracom AP Series is full ALL Outdoor Radio type beside various wireless radio including Wimax and radio telephone for rural/remote area, up to 100 Km. All devices were approved by TELKOM & Directorate General of Post and Telecommunication (DGPT) through PT DIFERSHINDO. The telephone network construction is aimed at creating communication distribution in all of Indonesia’s areas,” said M. Nuh when visiting Malang City Hall, East Java, yesterday (2/7). The Finance Department has approved the construction project tender in multi-years.

Every year, he said, the government allocates Rp1.1 trillion funds taken from the non-tax revenues. The funds are from telephone networks that separate out their revenue for the state between 0.5 and 1.2 percent.

Exalt Communications provides market-leading, next-generation wireless backhaul systems and interconnect solutions that uniquely address current infrastructure bottlenecks and future capacity needs of service providers and enterprises worldwide.

Our Vision is to become a global player in the video communications market and in highly specialized sectors of the telecommunications market by:

  • providing products and solutions of excellence, for technology and design;
  • promoting and developing innovative and new generation services;
  • offering new integrated solutions.


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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Could you please advice me certification procedure for getting DGPT approval for our customer’s product, wireless microphone?
    The system is consisting of wireless microphone and receiver, which will be connected to a television, monitor or personal computer.
    Thank you so much in advance.
    YG Gwon

    • At this stage, applicant delivers certification request for telecommunication equipment, addressed to the Director of Pos and Telecommunications Standardization. The applicants are manufacturer , (authorized) distributor, importer and an institution (a company who use telecommunication equipment for its own operation), such telecommunication operator, service provider or a government institution.

      Application letter is attached with:

      Form FR PM 4 and FR PM 5 (shall be filled in in advanced, 1 form (FR PM 4 and FR PM 5) for 1 type of equipment).
      Company legal documents, such as company establishment act, operational license and tax registration number (NPWP).
      Technical documents, manual book, brochures and technical specification of the equipment.
      Authorized distributor shall attach reference letter from the manufacturer or principal for its assignment as the distributor.
      Importer shall attach Special Import Identification Number (NPIK).

      for more details you can communicate gerbang98@yahoo.com

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