License on the field of posts and telecommunications standardization takes the form of certification of telecommunication equipment. Certification is a process from application, testing and the issuance of a telecommunication certificate. Certificate is a written approval that a telecommunication equipment has fulfilled technical regulations applicable to Indonesia .

Certification is in conjunction with Telecommunication Act No. 36/1999. Certification procedure is according to the Communication Minister Decree No. 10/2005. Certification tariff is acoording to Government Rule No. 27/2005 concerning Amandment on the Government Rule No. 14/2000 concerning Tariff on the non-Tax State Revenue applicable to the Ministry of Communications and Government Regulation No. 28/2005 concerning Tariff on the non-Tax State Revenue applicable to the Ministry of Communication and Informatics.

Acoording to the Article 32 (1) Telecommunications Act No. 36/1999 it is stated that telecommunication equipment which is for commercial, made, manufactured, imported and or used in the Republic of Indonesia shall attend to the technical regulations and based on a license according to applicable regulations.

Technical regulations is applicable to network, service and special telecommunications.

Applicable technical regulation is intended to:

1. gurantee interworking in national telecommunication network

2. avoid interference among equipment

3. protect consumers being disadvantaged from telecommunication equipment usage

4. push national telecommunication industry, innovation and engineering

The certification procedure or mechanism is arranged in the Minister of Communications Decree No. 10/2005 concerning the Certification of Telecommunication Equipment. In that decree is described, among other things, terms and conditions, applicant and obligations of the certificate holder.

One of the important aspect of certification is labeling (marking) of certified telecommunication equipment. The purpose of the label is to protect consumers and to provide monitoring means for the government in the market.



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    This is Eric Chan from Global Compliance Co., Ltd, our customer Smartphone product want to apply Indonesia certification Please advise the following issues:

    1.How much the cost?
    2.Need local representative?
    3.Need local test?
    4.May we get the certificate by CE RTTE report transfor?
    5.How about the valid of the certificate?
    6. If need local test, how many samples you need?
    7. How about the lead-time?

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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